50 Days Challenge

Do you believe in second chance? Let’s make you great than ever. Let’s make you greater!

  1. Planning
    • I feel stronger, I feel better, I feel younger
    • Are you ready for the challenge?!
  2. Quit eating salt
    • Read the label on any processed product! No salt, ok?
    • Life is tasty even more without salt. You choose how to live! It’s up to you if you want to be sick or to be healthy!
    • What a beautiful day? Why would you ruin it with a little salt?
  3. Train your body daily. Be a professional!
    • Two hours of cycling, two hour of aerobic, one hour of swimming, one hour of running
    • “I don’t have time” is not accepted.
    • When you practice sports you don’t waste time, you buy time.
    • It’s up to you how do you want to live your life. It’s your choice to be weak and sick or strong and healthy!
  4. Take sweets out of your life.
    • Life could be even sweeter without sweets.
    • Only sweet fruits and vegetables are admitted and, as an exception, no more than two spoon of honey a week.
    • It’s up to you to be fit and healthy!
    • The world only sees the results. No one knows the sacrifices you made to get them.
  5. Wake up with music, fall asleep with music.
    • Everything is wave! Let the wave of sounds entering your body.
    • The music is everything!
  6. Don’t forget to smile.
    • Try to smile most of the time.
    • It’s better to look crazy than to become one.
  7. Be a friendly person.
    • Make new friends every day and let them to be around you
  8. Sleep more than 6 hours a day. Try to fall asleep until 22 o’clock!
    • The early bird gets the worm!
  9. Open the window for one hour before to sleep and one hour after you weak up.
  10. Try to use an air purifier all the time at home, at the office and in your own car.
  11. Don’t smoke!
    • We are made to breathe only the air
  12. Use only organic cleaning products that do not affect your health.
    • Read the label. Do a research. Test the product.
  13. Try to use non synthetics clothes.
    • Most of synthetic materials are dangerous for your skin, for your health
  14. Replace the toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate dust.
    • Because it’s abrasive, it’s best to wash it no more than once a day!
    • Do not wash your teeth immediately after eating, if the food contained lemon juice!
  15. Try to buy from market only organic fruits and vegetables, BIO.
    • Procure fruits and vegetables only from well-known sources.
    • Look for a supplier who sale only the merchandise he produce.
  16. Supermarket is not your best friend.
    • Read all merchandise labels. What you can’t read, you can’t eat.
    • Except for the BIO exotic fruits and paper towels is hard to find in the supermarket something good for health
  17. Replace the animal milk from your diet with the seeds milk, like soymilk.
    • Be sure that the product is very low in salt!
  18. Take meat out of your diet.
    • The animals you eat could be your friends.
    • The fish is not a vegetable!
  19. Replace vinegar with lemon juice.
    • To avoid dental problems, try not to use too much lemon juice in salad.
  20. Prepare for the next day by eating a light dinner, like a salad.
    • Eat at least one hour before falling asleep.
  21. You’d better eat less bread.
    • It would be ideal to make it in the house.
    • Use integral gluten-free flour, such as hemp, rye, and the like
  22. Stop drinking tap water. Stop buying bottled water.
    • Drink only mountain water from well-known sources
  23. Don’t let the rain to ruin your day.
    • Remember that the water is the essence of life.
    • Come out, breathe deeply, smile and enjoy the rain.
  24. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water daily!
    • We are almost 75% water.
    • It is not recommended to drink water during and immediately after a meal
  25. Replace refreshing, alcoholic or caffeinated drinks with fresh mountain water and fresh juices.
    • Fresh juices must be drunk only on empty stomach and before evening.
  26. Replace your breakfast with fruits or fresh juices (like a juice made from apples and carrots)
  27. The meal should be fresh!
  28. Try something different every time you cook.
    • It’s important to change the menu from time to time.
  29. Discard dairy products.
    • Cheese is a waste.
  30. Most of the foods you eat has to be raw (fruits, vegetables, seeds, oils …) and, exceptionally in low quantity, processed foods such as beans, rice…
  31. Eat two meals a day and do not try snacks between them, just water.
    • I know, it’s hard, but it’s worth it.
  32. It is better to eat less than more than you need.
    • Never feel full at the end of your meal.
    • The probability of getting sick is higher when you eat too much than when you eat less.
  33. Try fasting for more than 4 days, at least once a year.
    • Just water. No excuses!
  34. Try to eat daily five apricot kernels on empty stomach.
    • Apricot kernels are rich in B17 vitamin that prevents cancer.
  35. Watch the horizon, the blue of the sky and the fluffy clouds. Isn’t wonderful?
    • Stay in the natural light.
    • Let the sunshine gently caress you.
  36. Routine can become a problem. From time to time, you should change your way to home, the position of the furniture or maybe the clothes.
  37. Be an optimistic person.
    • Try to see the good part of any situation.
  38. Don’t be stingy, especially with you.
  39. It’s time to stop playing the victim role. Take your responsibilities and do the right things.
  40. Try to accept that others might be right.
  41. Learn more from the mistakes of others.
  42. Do not be envious!
    • Appreciate more what you already have.
  43. Do not be selfish. Be kind with all the people around you.
    • Sharing things will give you satisfaction.
    • You do not do charity for the poor only. First, you do this for yourself, because it makes you feel wonderful. It will change your mood!
  44. Book your time for a walk on the mountain trails
    • Breathe deeply into the fresh air of the mountain.
    • Enjoy the beauty of the landscape.
  45. Love yourself and love everyone around you.
    • Life is nothing without love!
  46. To take care of others, first you have to take care of yourself.
  47. Try frequently to take an outdoors walk.
    • Touch the ground with your naked legs.
  48. How do you look? How do you feel? How do you think?
    • It’s up to you to change that.
    • It’s your choice!
    • “The difference between what you are and what you want to be is what you do!” – Unknown
  49. Don’t quit dreaming, hoping, wishing a better life, a better You!
  50. Be a raw vegan as much as you can (98%), train your body and your mind and also sleep well. From this point, anything else in your life will go for the best.

Enjoy your life!


I found a perfect combination: sleep, fresh juices, sport, work, learn, sport, eat and again from the begging. Try this program for a couple of days and you will never give up.

© atlasuldesanatate.ro

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