Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

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În data de 11 mai 2015, un grup de 190 oameni de ştiinţă şi cercetători din domeniul câmpului electromagnetic, din 39 de ţări, au semnat un apel adresat Organizaţiei Naţiunilor Unite (ONU) şi Organizaţiei Mondiale a Sănătăţii (OMS) prin care atrag atenţia asupra efectelor negative ale câmpurilor electromagnetice asupra sănătăţii umane şi solicită revizuirea normelor de protecţie din acest domeniu.

Cei 190 oameni de ştiinţă semnatari iniţiali ai apelului au în total peste 2000 de lucrări ştiinţifice publicate pe tema efectelor asupra sănătăţii a radiaţiilor neionizante, a câmpurilor electromagnetice de foarte joasă frecvenţă (Extremely Low Frequency fields – ELF) folosite în domeniul electricităţii sau a radiaţiilor de radio frecvenţă (RFR) utilizate pentru comunicaţii fără fir (GSM, wireless).


Wi-Fi can be defined as a wireless network through which it is possible to connect the electronic devices, so you do not have to rely on the network cable.

From our homes, wi-fi was a success around the world. Today it is so normal to find wi-fi almost everywhere, including the houses. Since their arrival, the mobile phones always represented a positive benefit from their service, but these same companies receive instructions for proper use of services in order to prevent damage to health.

Wi-fi” silent killer that kills us slowly

Routers are often used in homes to connect the wireless devices such as smartphones or electronic tablets, but what is the most concerning thing is the consequence of using this service; From the router that emits WLAN signals, electromagnetic waves are produced that make serious health damage. Most people ignore this fact because of the lack of knowledge. With time electromagnetic waves begin to reflect the human body and do harm to it. This study has been conducted by “Britain Health Agency” and showed that routers hinder the people and the growth of plants.

Consequences of too much wi-fi exposure:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain in the ears
  • Lack of concentration
  • Frequent headaches
  • Sleep problems.

Technology is needed and gives us life. We only know how to use it and when something can do us evil, we do not know how to protect ourselves. Below we can share some advise how to use wi-fi router safely, or at least less subject the damage that can result these devices.

How to protect children from these waves

  • Disconnect or turn off programs Seine wi-fi before bedtime
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you do not use wireless devices
  • If you use wireless phones in residential buildings, replace them with a cable phone
  • Avoid router in the kitchen and the bedroom.


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