Dental amalgams are no longer necessary!

This was the conclusion Kazue Yamagishi, a Japanese researcher recently arrived.

According to The Daily Telegraph, using toothpaste invented by Dr. Yamagishi is possible to cover or fill the holes and cracks in teeth and restore tooth enamel without visiting the dentist.

Its chemical composition is very similar to tooth enamel and can be used to cover and fill cracks in the pieces dental. The material the main component of teeth was obtained after numerous experiments with hydroxyapatite.

Initially acid present in the substance “undo” the damaged surface of the enamel, and within three minutes and the paste material cristeliza is permanently attached to the structure of natural enamel. Additionally, it is an excellent antibacterial agent.

Tests conducted by Japanese dentists have shown that teeth restored with the help of this new substance does not differ in any way to a completely healthy tooth. The difference is imperceptible even under the microscope. We suggest taking good care of your 32 pearls 🙂



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