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Miraculoasa vitamină B17

This 1974 documentary by G. Edward Griffin explains the hypothesis that cancer is a ”deficiency disease” that is brought about by the absence of Nitrilocides from Vitamin B-17 in people’s diets, and it shows evidence that a related medical treatment known as Laetrile is able to often cure cancers that have already started. Various issues are discussed including an explanation of the theory, evidence of the treatment being effective including case histories, and an explanation of ulterior motives causing the medical establishment to inappropriately be opposed to such treatment

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Istoria marijuanei

Diferența principala dintre cele doua specii este conținutul de THC (delta-9-tetrahidrocanabinol), substanța psihoactiva din marijuana. Cânepa industriala este soiul cultivat pentru producția de textile, hrană, materiale de construcție, combustibil etc. Limita legala a conținutului de THC al cânepii industriale este sub 0.2%. Conținutul de THC al marijuanei este in jur de 8% – 12%. Exista soiuri de marijuana care pot ajunge la valori de chiar pana la 20%

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